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Postby Shrimpy Adams » Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:40 pm

I know MOHAA is an old game but I'm still convinced addicted players who want to play on a clean place could be interested to play here.

1- Personally, the higher speed in the game and the mods like the toxic nades are very cool. (I must say the map where we are small like puppets is one of my favorite in the custom map. The map is not too big and the graphics are awsome.

2- On the server: In the message list at left bottom, maybe it's just me (would be a classic for Mr Goofy) but I didn't see the info regarding how to not make noise when running option. + would it be useful (or not) to add the link for downloading the map i the message list.

Sorry in advance, :lol: but since you ask for ideas you'll be busy reading mines.

3- BTW, if possible to have the right to read / edit my own messages plz it would be useful for me. Actually I have to save often short posts to be sure to not lose everything in case of problem.

4- Almost last point... I must say the SA thing is cool, especially because with noone have any kind of tags, hackers have no idea if someone is following them so more easy to catch them.

5- Last point (for the moment :mrgreen: ... ) (Like I said I'm a bit rusty but I could help for the forum.) Settings, permission by category, (making tests and / or adding a few additionnal features available with phpBB, ...

Well gtg,

CYA soon

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