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Postby Shrimpy Adams » Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:00 pm

This is a miscellaneous post.

1- Game tracker traffic panel can be useful. I need to make a test but not sure if there is a way to open MOHAA automatically and be connected on the server just by clicking on the server adress link on site.

2- TS infos... (useful). Especially for guests because they need only to click on the address to be connected automatically.

Classic boards are often :

3- Who are you?

Generally (of course it's not 100%), someone who take the time to register and talk about him / her is a clean player + a potential regular guest.

4- Report hackers / troublemakers. Of course it's a must to have that kind of threads not visible except for ppl registered.
BTW, we ever made tests and a brand new registed user should be able only to report but not to read except, he's on a "trusted list. Some ppl registered just to know if they're banned and see who reported them.

(No kidding, in the past 3 clans + the 3 years I was kind of regular on MLS free for all (long time ago) I reported probably over 400 cases on site. :x I had to change my player name a few times cause all the frustrated hackers who started playing with my name everywhere on different servers. MLS they knew me enough (I gave a few donations....) to banned impostors but on other servers, it was another story. Anyway.... :twisted:

5- The technical assistance + speed up trick / tools are generally good too. Always a must to explain guests what they can do to improve their speed connection. I know it's :o but sometimes we had ppl who didn't know dowloading or uploading or doing a scan or update while playing was why they were experimenting lag problems.

6- Maps, dowload link, vote for your favorite map, ... Can be surprising sometimes

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